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Thursday, 13 October 2016

BA Paris - Behind Closed Doors

review by showhost

I really can’t make up my mind about this book.  Although it was a kind of psychological thriller it was really frustrating, I really wanted Grace to do something more & stop being so pathetic – take them down to the basement. I may be being really harsh but thought there was some other way of dealing with it.

Also the ending was a little weak bearing in mind the excellent forensic work that can be done would find hairs etc from Grace & her paintings.  Too many but & whys for the end.

Grace is in what appears to be a perfect marriage with Jack.  They seem to adore each other, Jack is a perfect husband – too perfect.  He never leaves her side, she never has coffee with her friends unless Jack is there.  She gives up her job and stays at home.  Getting the picture?  Yes a controlling abusive husband.

Grace also has a sister with mental problems, Millie.  Millie is in a home being paid for by Jack.  Millie is due to join Grace in their new home when she is 18.  Jack has prepared a room for Millie but not the kind of room she was hoping for.

Grace needs to do something before this time, she can’t have Millie put in that sort of danger.  But she is foiled by Jack everytime she tries to shout for help.  He has told people she is mentally unstable and sent her parents to New Zealand.

I don’t get why he chose her anyway? It was all too simple and contrite – nowhere near as good as Claire Mackintosh (or even Girl on a Train). 

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