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Monday, 24 October 2016

Claire Douglas – Local Girl Missing

review by showhost oct 2016

Author of ‘The sisters’.  If you liked the Ice Cream Girls, I think you will like this one.  It has a similar theme – 2 girls who are school friends grow up in a small seaside town.  Both have secrets & tragedy that they know and  share about each other.

Franki & Sophie were childhood friends but Sophie disappeared one night and wasn’t seen again, she was presumed dead but no body was found.  Out of the blue one day Sophies brother rings Franki, who now has a successful career in London.

He needs Franki to come back to help him solve the mystery of his sisters murder, as now a body part has been found.

Franki befriends Sophie when her family come to the town.  Franki is from a wealthy family who run a local hotel.  Sophies family is just her mum and her brother and struggle to make ends meet.  Franki is idolised by her dad but envies the warmth that Sophie has from her family unit.

Franki attracts all the boys with her looks and buxom figure whereas Sophie is considered the ugly duckling.  Franki goes to boarding school at 16, Sophie goes to university but 3 years later they meet up again in their home town and Sophie has changed from the ugly duckling to a beautiful swan.  Franki becomes jealous.

Back to the present and someone is sending Franki letters threatening to expose her secret.  Sophie and Franki knew what happened when a boy was killed when they were 16 but did Sophie tell anyone before she died?  Franki begins to have sightings of her dead friend and hears a baby crying at night when there is only an old lady sharing the building.  Someone is playing with her mind.

A lot of the story was predictable, although a slight twist at the end.  It kept me reading but I’m not sure if I’d rush to read another of this author.

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