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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Lucie whitehouse Bed I Made

review by showhost

It kept me reading but always slightly predictable, another one of those psychological thrillers.

Kate lives in London as has a good job but she is not in a relationship and neither is her best friend Helen.  They attract two men one night when they are out drinking and Katie does something out of character – she has a one night stand with Ricahrd.

Her friend Helen doesn’t like or trust Richard but 18 months later Katie is still with him.

However it turns out that Richard is a power-hungry psychopath intent on controlling Katie's every move.

When the story begins Katie has moved to the Isle of Wight for 6 months to get away from her relationship.  It is her first week there when the island is rocked by the tragic news of Alice who has gone missing in her boat.  Katie was only talking to her the day before.  Alice’s husband Peter seems to affect Katie in an unnerving way.  And even though she thinks he may have had something to do with his wifes death, eventually falls for him (Doh!).

The story stays on Isle of Wight  but it goes back to London to the relationship with Richard and what caused Katie to run away. As we catch up Richard is stalking Katie & sending emails & txts.  You are just waiting For Richard to catch up with her and just know that when he does her new boyfriend will come to her rescue.

It did keep me turning the pages (faster sometimes when she was babbling), even though I knew what was coming and thought Kate was a silly mare.  However the author sets the scene of IOW well.

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