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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Robert Galbraith - Career of Evil

review written and read live on bookshow 13th Oct 2016 by Brian Lowen

This is the third novel by the creator of the Harry Potter books, J K Rowling, writing under her new pseudonym and it is another great story featuring the erasable Private Detective,

Cormoran Strike and his beautiful young sidekick, Robin Ellacott.

Strike has a certain reputation having already solved two high profile murders before the Police could, This means that he is not given much help from the police in his cases but his work load has increased as his reputation grew.

This is all about to change though when a mysterious parcel is delivered to Robin at their office. When Robin opens it she is horrified to find that it contains the severed leg of a young woman. Strike takes care of Robin while he phones the police. It is obvious to him that someone is trying to ruin him by attacking his Secretary cum Partner thereby dissuading clients from giving him work.

He realises that Robin is in danger and tries to stop her working but she is insistent in continuing as his partner, as she has now been called by Strike. Her staid Fiancé, Matthew, whom she is about to marry in a few weeks, has rows with her about the dangerous work she is involved in, and tries to persuade her, unsuccessfully, to change her job for a safer occupation.

And so Strike and Robin try to narrow down the suspects who might have sent the leg as the police do not seem to be making much progress. Robin makes a mistake in making an investigation that they have been warned against by the police who have instructed Strike to keep out of their investigation. Strike is so annoyed with Robin that he sacks her.

Like the previous two books in this series the tension builds up to a thrilling climax, just before Robin’s wedding, and we are wondering if she gets her job back or not.

I do hope there are more books in this series (available from the Library) as I really enjoy them and being involved in the changing relationship between Strike and Robin.

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