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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Anna Jacobs - Our Mary Anne

review by Maggie Perkovic live on show 31st May 2012
Mary Anne has a bad start in life, 1905, she is illegitimate and living and working with her mother is as bad as slave labour. However when her mother marries a scoundrel who assaults her and makes her pregnant, she is sent away to give birth and she meets Gabriel Clough who lives with his widowed mother in a farm next to the house where these poor girls are housed, with his help she escapes to Blackpool after the birth, broken hearted as the woman who delivered the baby let her think it had died. The great war brings a lot more opportunities for Mary Anne and she realises that she is both intelligent and resourceful. On her mother's death she learns the circumstances of her conception, and returns to Lancashire to discover her past,this lleads to danger and it takes a lot of difficulties before it seems a happy future awaits her. This was written in 2003 and probably typical of Charity Shop books, but it was quite riveting, and if the villains are almost too bad, and the heroines too good. so be it I liked it

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