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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Katie Flynn - You Are My Sunshine

review by Maggie Perkovic on show live, 31st May 2012
Yes I have my Vera Lynn hat on again!!!This is a story of four very different girls thrown together by war.
it is 1941 and all over britain WAAfs are being trained to fly barrage balloons. Norfolk born Kay Duffield is one of them, anxious to do her bit with her husband goes overseas.
Soon she meets shy Emily from Wales; down to earth Biddy, fresh from the bombing raids in Liverpool and Jo whose rebellious nature looks set to land them all in trouble.
Together the four girls tackle the hardships and dangers of flying balloons. Through good times and bad, romantic encounters and utlimately tragedy as they struggle to do one of the hardest jobs ever undertaken by WAAFS. Written in 2011, this book has been well researched and you learn just how hard this job was, with freezing conditions and the sneers of some men who think the girls are not up to the job!!!The author spoke to many women involved in this work and one fact stood out for me, that around the end of 1943, the girls were removed from the barrage balloons due to the number of casualties!!!!Very Good, very absorbing!!!!
by Maggie Perkovic

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