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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Karen Rose - Don't Tell

review by Maggie Perkovic, live, on show 10th May 2012
This is a book which starts with a woman in hospital. Her injuries are very serious, broken arm,broken leg, damage to her head, to her eye and to her spinal cord, by her side is her grieving husband, only if you hear the words he whispers in her ear, you would be chilled, as he swears that if she tells anyone where her injuries came from next time he will kill her!!! Fast forward 7 years and she has made her escape from him by pretending she and their son have been killed as she sinks their car in the nearby lake, and is now living a new life in Chicago with a friend who runs an abuse centre and Mary Grace is happy and fulfilled in her work and studying for a degree. Her son too is happy and doing well at school. However her husband finally realises she is not dead but has escaped from his clutches and determines to track her down. The description of his efforts to find her, her realisation that she will never be free until she faces up to him, especially as she has a new love, a Professor in History who seems to be a mixture of Indiana Jones and George Clooney rolled into one makes for an exciting read, though I could have done without the loved in feelings between her and Mr. Wonderful Max, and also her husband is so disgustingly nasty, he seems unreal!!! It was written in 2003 and was a Sunday Times best seller, so must have been a success!!

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