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Thursday, 10 May 2012

R J Palacio - Wonder

review by Maggie Perkovic, live, on show 10th May 2012
My name is August, i won't describe what i look like, whatever you think, it is probably worse" This is the story of August Pullman an ordinary little boy with a
terrible facial abnormality, it is bad enough to make children run away fom him screamimg, and stare at him in the street. Home schooled for years the time has come to send him to secondary school and although his Dad is concerned for him, he decides to take the plunge and see how it goes. Some pupils take him under their wing as requested by a very caring and humane Headteacher but the road ahead is very bumpy and it is not until Summer Camp that August finally finds his feet, and acceptance from all those around him. His parents are lovely and caring people, his big sister Olivia and her friends have their own problems as well, but it is a sad fact that if you deviate from the norm at School, life is the pits.
There are the usual bullies, and a lovely girl who sits at the dinner table with August when no one else will, due to his mouth formation he admits he is messy when eating!!! He tells his story himself and sometimes it is his sister who has her own worries which of necessity take second place to August's far huger challenges. Other people also feature through this very well written and heart warming book.Several strands and different ways of coping with life, I really enjoyed it. Heartily recommended!!!

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