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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Kate Muir - West Coast

review by Babs Simpson on show live 3rd May 2012.

London 2000. Fergus Macfarlane is a celebrateeed - and celebrity - Britaart photographer partying in the heart of London. One night he returns to his beautiful house and his beautiful wife to discover ugly cracks in his perfect life. His past and his present are catching up with him. Who is he? and how did he get here?

Scotland 1978. Fergus is eight when his fisherman father drowns off the west coast of Scotland. He is left in a damp tenement with his mother and her sorrowing resentment. Their village, Burnoch, typifies the worse of the 70s - Leo Sayer records and shagpile carpet are desirable and Irn Bru is often breakfast. Fergus searches for horizons beyond the narrow ones of the town and a way out.

His story is a contrast from scabby-kneed schoolboy to ambitiouss artist, from a squat tof a manison, from Hebridean islands toHoxton galleries, from Presbyterianism to hedonism by way of tragedy and comedy, haggis and sushi.

It's a great book; the reader really cares about Fergus on his long road to real happiness.
The book is unputdownable, well crafted and well written.

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