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Wednesday, 2 May 2012


review by Babs Simpson on show live 3rd May 2012

Major Pettigrew is an elderly widower living in a sleepy village, Edgecome St. Mary, happy and contented with his quiet life away from meddling neighbours and his overbearing son. But after his brother dies, he strikes up a friendship with the village shopkeeper, Mrs Ali. Despite their very different backgrounds, they are drawn together by a love of books and the loss of their respective partners.

The inevitable vilage gossip follows and their relatives, most unhapy about this relationship, try strenuously to force them apart.

Always a perfect gentleman but a most unlikely hero, Major Pettigrew finds himself having to confront angry relations on both sides, as well as disapproving neighbours and having to decide what matters most - family obligation, tradition or love.

This is charming, gentle story, beautifully told with much humour and tenderness. The two main characters are sympathetic, while the villains - the Major's son and Mrs Ali's fearsomely devout nephew - well drawn, and the whole reading experience is a delight.

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