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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wendy Appleton - A Little Girl's War

review by Mags Perkovic 19th April live on show
Growing up in Bexley Heath in the Second world War, bombs,air-raid sirens were all Wendy had ever known. here through the eyes of a small child we see family life on the home front with rationing, black outs, bombed out housess and all the facts of life in the 1940s. After the family had slept through an air-raid that destroyed a street opposite their road dad decided to send them to Lancashire in Burnley, Wendy, her sister Thelma and brother Brian were homesick, but the two women who looked after the girls were very kind, and they soon became very happy there, especially their first trip to the seaside!!although i thought i would really enjoy this book i found it a bit dull although the family is a very close and warm one but I suppose beacause I also was a war baby and went to school when there were air-raids, and had to go to a shelter, and found a shortage of all but the basic foodstuffs, our street had all its windows blown in and were afraid when we heard the V1 bombers overhead!!! there was nothing to suprise me as I had expected it to. For those who want a story about a family at war it is quite adequate. Maggie Perkovic.

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