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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Jodie Picoult - Lone Wolf

review by Maggie Perkovic live on show 19th April 2012
A new book by this author is always a cause for joy, and this one is no exception!! There are several threads running through the drama, starting with the dreadful car accident in which Cara and her dad Luke are badly injured, Cara will survive but Luke has severe head injuries and may never recover from his coma. Mum who has been divorced from Luke for some years arrives at the hospital to see her daughter, she has since re-married to a lawyer and has twin girls. The son of the marriage Edward who left home some years ago after a row with his father is located and asked to come to the hospital to ascertain whether luke will ever gain consciousness or should be allowed to die. Running through the story is the fact that Luke has an interest almost bordering on obsession concerning wolves, he spent two years in a wood in Canada living as one of the pack to learn all about their lives, a fact that endangered his marriage as his wife had two small children to care for. The main thread is Edward's belief that Luke would be better dead and donating his organs to another patient in need, and Cara's belief that her dad will recover. To this end the matter moves to court where her Mum's lawyer husband represents Edward, and a pro-life lawyer represents Cara. Picoult's meticulous research and excellent story telling makes this a gripping tale, with twists and turns and an end that provides revelations which make them all face some unpalatable truths!! A winner all round!!Maggie Perkovic.

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