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Monday, 18 June 2012

Val McDermid - The Grave Tattoo

review by showhost
I am becoming a big fan of this author and will now happily reach for one of her books when going on holiday as I know it will be a good read. Yes, the culprit probably did become obvious but I liked the research that went into the story and the way the events before and after of the Mutiny on the Bounty was wove into the story, as though it were being related by Mr Christian himself.
The story is set mainly in The Lake District. After a recent bout of heavy rain and landslides a 200year old skeleton is revealed. News of the skeletal remains piques the interest of Jane Gresham a Wordsworth scholar and lecturer. She is convinced there exists a missing manuscript written by Wordsworth himself all those years ago, on the exploits of the mutineers. She believes that Fletcher christian escaped Pitcairn and came back to England where he told his story to his friend Wordsworth.
The discovery of the tattood body gives more credence to her believe. Jane goes back to the Lakes and her family for a 2 week sabatical to see if she can find out if and where this missing manuscript could be. She has a list of the family tree of Dorcas Mason who worked for Wordsworth and most of her descendants still lived in the Lakes.
Other unscrupulous dealers are also taking an interest in her theory but they will stop at nothing, including murder, to get to the invaluable documents first.
Hindering Jane is Tenille, a kid from the council flats in London who Jane befriended but who is now on the run.
A good, interesting story - more than just a crime book.

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