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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Deborah Moggach - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

review by Maggie Perkovich live on show 12th July 2012
This was I found, a very interesting read. The opening sentences telling of an elderly lady left on a trolley in hospital by uncaring staff, was later translated as a lady who refused to be cared for by "Darkies", we meet her later when she is again in hospital, this time mugged by two "Darkies". The Hotel in the title is called into need as a "care Home for the Elderly" because we meet Norman the elderly father of Pauline and a thorn in the side of her husband Ravi a hardworking doctor at the hospital, and Norman has already been evicted from Care Homes due to his disgusting propensity to break wind, to make suggestive remarks and general attitude of bad behaviour.Ravi meets up with his cousin Sonny who has fingers in lots of pies and we meet other would be residents at the Hotel, Evelyn whose children seem to have used her money and left her with very little, Muriel the lady left on the trolley and her gangster son, Madge who hopes to meet a rich Marharajah, Dorothy an ex producer and programme maker on TV and others. The Home has a nurse and doctor with dubious qualifications but the residents seem to settle down and and enjoy the climate and the cheaper way of life.Towards the end of the story it seems to run out of steam which is a pity because I felt there was more to relate. it is not like the film I am told!!!But I did find it a good read. Maggie Perkovic, July 12th.

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