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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Alan Titchmarsh - When I was a Nipper

review by Maggie Perkovich live on show 12th July 2012
This is a book with a feel good factor. It tells the story of Alan's upbringing in a small village in Yorkshire called Ilkley in Wharfdale North his parents were locals he is "surrounded by uncles, aunts, cousins and Grandparents" as he says. His life was the richer for it. dad was a plumber with his own works van in which the family Mum, dad Alan and sister went on outings. Mum was stay at home mum, but with interests in the brownies, she was a leader, Mother's Union,and the church. Alan and his dad sung in the church choir too.His father was a resourceful chap who built an indoor bathroom and later put in central heating.We learn of the hardships in the forties and fifties with scarcity of food and amenities, but as the author explains they all felt content with what they had. "We had breakfast dinner (not lunch) and tea, no grazing inbetween" as he puts it" Treats were for birthdays and Christmas and we were thrilled with whatever we were given ", he also tells us of his first efforts at gardening in the back garden on a dry patch, and when his seeds took root, how pleased he was!! This book spends chapters on life then with reference to holidays (Blackpool) housing limited, at school, you had to behave or else, and everyday life, which was hard but quite satisfying, and of course the Wireless was King. I did enjoy this book, brought back lots of memories for me of a time that maybe was harder but I am sure people were more content. Maggie Perkovic July 12th.

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