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Monday, 10 September 2012

Jill Mansell - A Walk In the Park

review by Maggie Perkovic live on show 6th Sept 2012.
This is a compact little story, starting with the return of
Lara Carson after 18 years to the village where she was born and grew up leaving because her
father and step mother had turned her out at night in a row because she had missed the last
bus and was late home. She sat on the railway station all night till the trains started running and
left to seek refuge with an elderly aunt who lived in Cumbria. At only 16 years and with a secret
she dreaded revealing she however made a happy and fulfilling life and is returning to attend her
father's funeral, something she has mixed feelings about as he never seemed to care for her, her
mother's death at when she was 13years old leaving her very vulnerable.
Lara's best friend Evie is thrilled to have her back and invites her to her wedding, but on that day
things change drastically for evryone, Lara meets again with her first love Flynn Erskine, and a
Rock Star with a penchant for hand made quality shirts also descends on the city of Bath.
I did enjoy this book, but there are no challenges and it is a very easy read, also the endings are a bit too simplistic, still a good holiday read. Maggie Perkovic

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