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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Debby Fowler - The Silver Sea

A Felicity Paradise crime novel. This is the first of this authors books I have read. Ro reviewed one of her books recently which is why I gave it a go. It is quite a detraction from my normal books but I am always open to reading new authors even though I thought it might be a bit 'twee' for me. The story is set mainly in St Ives but involves trips to Tresco, IOS, on the now deceased helicopter service and to Mounts Bay in Penzance. A pile of clothes are found on the beach at St Ives by a local dog walker. The clothes belong to a man, Hugo Irving, who has a holiday home in St Ives, is very wealthy and enjoys windsurfing. The coastguards/local police are informed but no body is recovered and the man is missing presumed dead. Chief Inspector Keith Penrose, local policeman, does not suspect foul play. Felicity Paradise, lives in St Ives. She has been there a few years and has helped inspector Penrose on a couple of previous occasions as she is somewhat of a psychic. Months after the disappearance of Hugo Irving, whilst on Tresco, she thinks she sees him, albeit slightly changed hair etc. She informs inspector Penrose but the incident is dropped. An unexpected turn of events brings Hugo's disappearance back into the limelight. the dead body of a young girl at their holiday home and the disappearance of Hugo's only son. Once again Felicity Paradise lends her skills and several mysteries are eventually resolved with a couple of unexpected events. My summary is that this was a light easy read and better than I expected it to be.. It is a little 'twee' in places but it puts in that little twist/turn of events and picks your interest up

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