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Monday, 5 November 2012

Jack Henderson - Jack Draws Anything

review by Ro Bennett for recorded bookshow 6th Nov 2012 This book is about a little six year old boy. This is how he introduces himself and the book: I had been a little bit naughty. I was mean to my brothers Toby and Noah and Daddy had had enough. ‘You are NOT going to Grandma and Grandad’s house for the afternoon,’ Daddy said, which made me sad. Off I went to the craft fair in Haddington. Daddy was at the jumble stall and Mummy was selling her red and rosy crafts. She let me take my pens and notepad so I was not too bored. I saw Daddy selling old toys, so I decided to sell one of my pictures to Anne, Mummy’s friend. Anne gave me 20p. I remembered that Daddy was always doing silly things for charity....So I had an idea. I would draw more pictures in exchange for donations to the Sick Kids Hospital... I have been there because I broke my thumb. My brother Toby cut his head at Easter and got an Easter egg. And my little brother has been there lots. Noah got very sick when he was little and now a cold or cough makes it very hard for him to breathe and he needs to go to hospital right away. He gets oxygen and lots of different medicines. Daddy say Noah has been admitted eleven times, even though he is only two years old. Every time he goes in I think he is going to die. If you are reading my book, thank you! You have already helped the Sick Kids a little. But if you want to help out more, visit my website where you can donate. I saw Jack on The Pride of Britain Programme and immediately downloaded the book. It would make a lovely Xmas present. It has a selection of Jacks pictures interspersed with the story of how the idea developed and took off. It’s a very interesting, well written, funny and heart warming read. This is the product description on Amazon: After a family friend bought one of his drawings for 20p, six-year-old Jack came up with the idea to "draw anything" in return for donations to the hospital that treats his two-year-old brother. His parents set up a website, put links on their Facebook and twitter pages for friends and family, and thought they might make £100. After two weeks, Jack had over 500 picture requests and had raised over £22,000 for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. Parents Ed and Rose with Jack, Toby and Noah appeared on the Fern Britton Show and Jack's project was featured on Russell Howard's Good News four times. Coverage by STV news, BBC news, and CBBC Newsround have all helped spread the word about this creative and generous little boy. Jack is slowly but steadily drawing the requested pictures which range from a "dinosaur diving into a pool of jelly" (#1) to "my (extremely bald) friend Brian dancing like a crazy man" (#80). He doesn't draw every day, only when he wants to, and his parents estimate that he'll finish at the end of August. For the latest drawings, or to make a donation yourself, visit The last time I checked Jack had made an amazing £46, 070.00 for the charity. Jack is a normal cheeky little chappy, brimming with self confidence and self-assured for is age, but not nauseating with it. The book has dedications from Fern Britton, Brian May, David Tennant and Jenny Colgan the author amongst others. I really recommend it as I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was inspiring and heart wrenching in parts yet it also made me smile. The pictures Jack has drawn are great - a charming book.

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