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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Iain Banks - Stonemouth

review by Sue Major live on show 17th Jan 2013:

Set in a town north of Aberdeen, this is the story of Stewart's tentative return to his roots for a funeral. Clearly, he has a his careful avoidance of the local toughs shows....and you begin to think he may have an interesting future, if he survives that long!

The book is written  in an easy style, with great humour....and I have to admit to finding it very entertaining. The language, and the dialect will not make this everyone's cup of tea. However, I think if you can deal with a lot of four-letter words in a strong Scottish accent, then you will find a story which will amuse and beguile you, not least for the nostalgia memories of the  days of youth.

Iain Banks is quite a prolific writer....though this is the first of his books that I've read. I think I may well read more

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