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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Paul McKenna - Hypnotic Gastric Band

review by Ro Bennett live on bookshow 31st January 2013
This is the official blurb:
A Gastric Band is a radical, surgical operation that reduces the available space in the stomach. Paul McKenna's Hypnotic Gastric Band is a psychological procedure that can help to convince the unconscious mind that a gastric band has been fitted, so the body behaves exactly as if it were physically present.
Along with the book, the system contains a hypnosis CD and an instructional DVD to provide complete support for physical and psychological change whilst you lose weight. There's no physical surgery, no scarring and no forbidden foods. Just follow all the instructions and let Paul help you lose weight. 
Well, as you can see I am now a mere 9 stone having lost 3 stone in a week...

I read the excellent book and watched the equally excellent DVD which is only about 15 minutes long, then listened the next day to the CDs. It certainly seemed to curb my appetite and I ate less and felt full more quickly. A couple of days later though, I was stressed and deliberately over-rode my feeling of fulness to eat peanuts with a glass of wine followed by numerous biscuits and the best part of a chocolate orange. After which I was disgruntled to find that my appetite was back to normal. 

I had completely forgotten to implement the techniques on the DVD to combat stress with a system called Havening. This is the Amygdala Desensitization technique created by Dr Ronald Rudin to raise you serotonin levels consistently and without negative side affects. It helps you reduce stress and increase serotonin in a matter of minutes. It’s very simple and it does work.

So I started again and since then I have listened to the CDs a couple of times and it does seem to make a difference. Time will tell...

The book is beautifully presented, easy to read and very informative. The idea is to take you through the procedure as if you were actually going to have a gastric band fitted. So the first CD is a pre-op preparation, the second the virtual gastric band operation. From the reviews it seems to be pretty effective in many cases. I decided to buy it because I thought that even if it didn't  do any good it wouldn’t do any harm to try it. A very interesting read.


Mark Powlett said...

Very interesting to see how much this paul mckenna book is getting publicity. I think its an interesting idea, but as a clinical hypnotherapist I cant help thinking that it doesn't get to the root of peoples issues but just masks them. I guess time will tell !
Mark Powlett

Ro said...

Have you read any Paul Mc Kenna books Mark?

Mark Powlett said...

Yes I do think he can be very good. The problem is just that its a generic CD nd book and really doesn't take into account the real situation. Good luck with any of them you try though. :-)

Anonymous said...

I first tried You Can Change Your Life in 2004 and it was a spring board to an interesting and enjoyable adventure of self discovery which I am still enthusiastically exploring. My daughter has benefitted from his sleep aid and many people seem to find his methods successful and are helped to achieve a better quality of life by utilising his techniques. I think he is a good man who genuinely wants to inspire, facilitate, support and uplift others through his material and research at an affordable price. There are very few people I know who could actually afford even one hypnotherapy session - I couldn't- but they can stretch to the price of a book and hopefully, as in my case it will lead to an exciting, illuminating and fulfilling journey.

Shazia Sahari said...

They always listened gastric band hypnosis app to his audio hypnosis CD every day for five days to fit their virtual gastric band, before moving on to a system of motivation hypnosis CDs to help them change the way they think about food.