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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Mark Giminez - The Colour of Law

review live on show 3rd Jan 2012 by Brian Lowen
  A Scott Fenney is a Dallas corporate lawyer in the prime of his life. Raking in $750,000 a year with a beautiful house, a beautiful wife and an adored daughter, life could not be better. But when a rich Senator’s son is murdered Fenney is asked by the federal judge to put his air-conditioned life on hold to defend the accused – a black, heroin-addicted prostitute, who proclaims her innocence.

Fenney realises he is in danger of losing all he has gained over the years as he will not be able to combat the wrath of the crooked Senator who has his eyes set on the White House and realises the bad publicity generated from his son’s dark deeds will destroy that ambition.

It takes several chapters for Fenney to make up his mind as to whether he stays in the good books of the judge and complies with his basics instincts, or whether he complies with the Senator and drops the case, so maintaining his high standard life style.

It says on the book cover that Mark Grimenez is the new John Grisham and after reading this book I can accept that as it is an excellent story. It is somewhat degrading for the American legal profession where it appears justice comes second place to winning a case and making money.

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