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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Val McDermid - Killing the Shadows

review live on show by Brian Lowen 3rd Jan 2013
Another really good thriller from V M.

The story is quite complicated, involving several different murders, all quite gruesome.
I like the way that the story starts off quite normally, but then the tension slowly builds up until the thrilling climax up in the Scottish highlands. I quite enjoyed following the chase on a road map of Scotland.

The main stream of the story involves Professor Fiona Cameron, an academic psychologist who uses computer technology to track serial murderers. She has vowed never to work for the Met again after they went against her advice and badly screwed up an investigation as a result. But when her lover, crime thriller writer Kit Martin tells her a fellow novelist has been murdered, Fiona can’t help but get involved as it seems a serial killer is at work, targeting thriller writers and killing them in the same way as the crime is detailed in their book, and Kit could be next on the list. With the killer striking again, Fiona is caught up in a race against time, not only to save a life, but to bring herself redemption, both personal and professional.

There are two other murder enquiries running parallel to this one that Fiona is also involved in and things do get a bit complicated sometimes and you have to concentrate to sort your way through, but it is well worth the effort.

A great story with really believable characters that are well described


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