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Monday, 25 February 2013

Josephine Hart - The Truth About Love

review live on bookshow by Babs Simpson 21st Feb 2013
I hadn't read this author's work before but I shall do so after this.
It's an extraordinary story about a family's tragedy, interspersed with the history of Ireland and Germany.
The family are the O'Haras who lose a teenage sone in a truly horrifying way.  Eventually, after great sorrow and pain their lives begin to resume some semblance of normality and their daughter, Olivia, feels able to move to England to pursue her career.
the small Irish village that the O'Haras call home is peopled by an array of interesting personalities, including the German -Thomas Middlehoff - a lonely man who is besotted with his English lover, Harriet Calder, whom he is able to meet only infrequently.
this story is about the many facets of lover - of parents for their children, husbands for wives and love of ones country.
It is brilliantly told, unfolding slowly and deliberately and totally absorbing.
It's quite remarkable and unlike anything I have read previously

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