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Monday, 27 May 2013

Andre Hue and Ewan Southby-Tailyour - The Next Moon

review by Maggie Perkovic read live on bookshow 23rd May 2013

This is a well written and exciting book about a young man who is thrown into
World War two and takes a brave and daring role in the Resistance before returning
to this Country to serve with the SOE, where he missed his landing site, was involved
in a pitched battle and was hunted by Cossacks, knowing how many lives depended
on him, he battled on and fought courageously.
After the war he became a M16 officer and worked in Phno Penh where he met his wife
Maureen, he now runs the Special Forces Club.
There are lots of pictures and maps to interest, and in the opening chapters he is
torpedoed on board his ship La Pallice, escaping with nothing, not even clothes.
He calls for his brother Jean, who is also serving on board, and worries about his now
widowed mother, who returned to France after the death of her English husband.
They both survive luckily, and are reunited with their mother and from there they
start their amazing adventures.
Andre Hue was only fifteen when he joined up, and he certainly lived a very exciting
and incredibly brave life until he finally retired from his adventures and settled in
this country.
Well recommmended to all who enjoy a "ripping yarn". Maggie Perkovic.

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