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Monday, 27 May 2013

Suzannah Dunn - The Queen of Subtleties

Maggie Perkovic reviewed live on bookshow 23rd May 2013
This relates the story of Anne Boleyn who married Henry V111and was executed because she
did not present him with a son, but the charge was adultery. I was critical of this
author as she seemed to have obtained a few well known historical facts , padded them
 out with additional fictious stories and added a figure in the kitchen Lucy Corwallis, the
maker of these subtleties, creations of marchpane and sugar modelled in wondous shapes,
and created this book.
My biggest complaint is the modern language.
Example, Anne talking to Sir Harry Percy, He "do you miss France? " She "Don't get me started!".
King Henry keeps sending her presents, she asks him to stop, he replies "You are a presents
sort of a person"  Another remark from Anne "No comment" Not 16 century certainly.
And the abreviations!!!Sir Francis Weston becomes Frankie, Thomas Cromwell becomes Tom.
A Sir William becomes Billy.
Anne was confronted by her uncle The Duke of Norfolk while pregnant with the devastating news
that the King was dead, after a bad Jousting accident, the shock brought on a miscarriage,
but this author decided that Norris, from the King's bedchamber was the bearer of bad news.
A ridiculous change of events as Norris would have been in attendance to the KIng.
Last example of bad writing Anne, "Henry I hate to be a woman about this, but I've nothing
to wear" this at her wedding, which was held in secrecy!!
There are a  lot of this modern speak,  I cannot recommend this book. Maggie Perkovic.

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