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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tim Weaver - Chasing the Dead

reviewed live on bookshow by Sue Major on 2nd May 2013
“ Chasing the Dead”by Tim Weaver.  (Pub.2010)

This is a first novel  by journalist and writer Tim Weaver. It introduces his main character David Raker who is himself an ex-journalist come finder of missing persons.

It starts out as a case of mistaken identity. A year after the death of her son Alex, Mary Towne is convinced she's seen him alive...and she asks David Raker to find him. Raker discovers that Alex 's life was not as innocent as his Mother believed...and there are deep and dangerous secrets hidden in it, along with a group of sinister killers willing to prevent their discovery.

The novel has a dark side, and is not for the squeamish.....but it is a compelling tale, and one that I couldn't abandon.

I think the author has just published his third David Raker story, so this looks set to be a series which will interest the readers of crime with a twist....the nasty thriller that you can't put down!

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