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Saturday, 11 May 2013

W J Burley - Wycliffe and How to Kill a Cat by

 Review by Brian Lowen read live on bookshow 9th May 2013 
A steady middle-of-the-road detective story – not as action packed as Peter James and not as long and verbose as Mo Hayder. Just a steady detective story with questions, questions and more questions.

The woman was young and slim, with auburn hair arranged on her pillow. When Superintendent Wycliffe saw her, he could almost believe she was asleep – that is until he looked at her face. Although she had been killed by strangulation, someone had mutilated her face after she was dead.

As Wycliffe investigates, he finds more questions than answers. Why did a girl with expensive clothing and make up end up in such a seedy hotel down by the docks? And why was someone trying to hide her identity?

These questions are all answered as the story evolves – set in a Cornish seaside town, near Truro.

Wycliffe is supposedly on holiday with his wife when he gets himself involved in the case and takes it on – why his wife puts up with the way he treats her – leaving her on her own for long periods, I really don’t know!

Still, it is a good story – easy light reading, but not a thriller.

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