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Saturday, 3 August 2013

P D James - Death Comes to Pemberley

Reviewed live on show by Babs Simpson 1st August 2013.
this is a brilliantly written book by a great author - an intriguing murder mystery set in Derbyshire 6yrs after the marriage of Mr Darcy to Elizabeth Bennet - in other words, it is a follow up to Pride & Prejudice and I am quite sure Jane Austen would have approved of the style of the writing and admired the plot and the development of all her characters.
The marriage is a great success and Darcy and Elizabeth are the loving parents of two healthy sons; while Elizabeths sister, Jane, lives quite close by with her husband, Bingley.  All is peace and joy until one night when a carriage arrives in great haste and Lydia Wickham tumbles out screaming hysterically that her husband has been murdered.
The remainder of the story is about the investigation and the trial and as with all of PD James work, it is very good indeed.  There are fascinating insights given into the conduct of criminal trials early in the 19th century as well as wonderful descriptions of life in the country and in London.
PD James gives the reader an authentic trip back in time - a really good and satisfying story and a brilliant follow up to JA's classic.
Definitely to be recommended.

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