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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Peter Watt - Shadow of the Osprey

review by showhost
Love these books!  This is the second novel in the trilogy and you do have to read them in order to get the most enjoyment.  He is Oz's answer to Wilbur Smith.
Around the Queensland shores and Sydney harbour we pick up the story in 1868, with the evil Captain Mort (boo hiss) of the slaveship Osprey.  The two warring families, Duffy & Macintosh, find a single and unexpected alliance.  More deadly to the Macintosh clan is someone from within, despicable Granville White, who is fighting for control of the family's wealth and will do anything to get it.
The Palmer river gold rush, near Cooktown, lures prospectors where hundreds died from murder, fever, hunger, heatstroke, exhaustion & hostile native action.  The Aboriginal tribes of the region fight a hopeless guerrilla war over their land but their spears are no match for the Europeans rifles.
The Germans are plotting to annex part of Papua New Guinea & they have a mercenary soldier arriving in Sydney, Michael Duffy, who liaises with a British spy, who in turn liaises with a Chinese Tong leader and the French.
Theres a lot of subterfuge, action & treachery, plus historical fact in this addictive epic.
Bring on the last one - Flight of the Eagle which uses the German plans to annex Papua New Guinea as a backdrop to the story.
One thing I did find out while looking on Kindle was that there is a number 6 in the Frontier series (Duffy & Macintosh families!!).  Yipee

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