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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Philippa Gregory - The White Princess

recorded for bookshow by Maggie Perkovic Sept 2013
Another page turner by this brilliant author. This time we meet Henry V11and his Queen
Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Edward the 1V and Elizabeth Woodville.
By this marriage so the Yorks and the Lancashires, the whites and the reds were united
to make the Tudor Rose, and bring peace to the country at last.
But, having said that, the Queen was in love with Richard 111 it was said, and was broken
hearted at his death at Bosworth. The King's mother ruled with him,she who had supported
his claim for the English throne, and our new Queen understood she came a very poor second!
If you have seen any pictures of Henry V11, you will notice how downcast and serious he always
appears. Small wonder with mini revolutions ever y now and then, who can he trust??Then there
is the small matter of a pretender Lambert Simnel, followed later on by Perkin Warbeck, in
this book the author hints strongly he could indeed have been the Queen's little brother spirited
away from the Tower all those years ago and reappearing to claim the crown.
Thrown in to the mix we have Elizabeth Woodville still beautiful, still scheming, her son-in-law
never ever trusts her, and his new wife gets the blame however often she swears her allegance.
With all this going on, they still have to look for an heir. Three boys and two girls later, Henry
is concerned that his line is not strong enough, especially as two of their children are not
very strong, so he still must find time to leave his worries behind and spend time with his wife.
The author admits she has mixed facts and fiction for this book. It makes a riveting read,
and puts Henry V11 in a new light as also his Queen, the White Princess in the title.
I loved it!!!Maggie Perkovic.

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