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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Louise Monaghan - Stolen

recorded bookshow by Maggie Perkovic Sept 2013
This is the story of a woman whose five year old daughter was abducted by the father
as she was about to start school in Cyprus with all her little friends she knew from the
playgroup. pretending he was taking the little girl for a day on the beach, instead he left
for Syria, already beginning to show all the problems we know about today!!.
Louise had many problems with Mostafa, even before they married, and although I
admired her bravery in actually going back to him in Syria to try and free her child,
I thought what an idiot she was to endure his terrible treatment of her, beating her,
staying out all night and living off her money,she ran successful businesses, and all
this before she was married or had a child!!! her Irish family who supported her,
especially her sister Mandy  deserve medals for all they did but her life in Syria,
the terror she and her daughter May lived under, and the incredible way they left
Syria finally and returned to Ireland has to be read to be believed.
The daughter is still having counselling for all that happened, and Louise believes
that her ex husband will still try and destroy her if he possibly can.
Apart from my irritation at her determination to make a go with Mostafa, whose brother
also says he is not sane, I enjoyed the dramatisation and also her warning that mixed
marriages don't always end happily!!!Maggie Perkovic

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