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Monday, 23 September 2013

Simon Kernick - Target

Book review written by Brian Lowen for the recorded bookshow being aired in October 2013 
Another excellent thriller from the pen of S K.

When writer Rob Fallon goes out one night and ends up with his best mate’s ex girlfriend, Jenny, he is beginning to feel guilty before anything happens. But that guilt turns to shock when two thugs break into Jenny’s apartment, kidnap her, and try to kill Rob. When Rob reports this to the Police no one believes him, because the crooks have left no trace of their abduction. Even Jenny’s father is no help as he says that she is on holiday abroad.

Rob realises Jenny’s life must be in danger so he starts asking questions. The only police officer to believe Rob’s story is Detective Tina Boyd, a rather maverick type cop. She cannot get permission to have a team investigating this disappearance so she sets off on her own.
Rob soon becomes the target of the brutal killers who are as terrifying as they are elusive.
But what do they want and what does it have to do with an ordinary girl like Jenny?

When Tina falls into the clutches of the gang the action really hots up as the final realisation of the gang’s intention becomes apparent.

Tina’s absence is noticed by her boss, DI Mike Bolt and he sets out to find her, helped by his side-kick. Mo Khan.
Things move along at a hectic pace as the gang are finally cornered, but there are a couple of surprising twists to the tale in the final conclusion.

Excellent, page turning stuff that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.
Thoroughly recommended.

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