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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Jenny Colgan - Calling Mrs. Christmas

Maggie Perkovic's review live on the bookshow on 21st Nov 2013
If you are the sort of person who loves Christmas with all it entails, then read this book.
If however you are the kind who abhors it and is pleased when it is all over don't open the
first page!!!!
The story is of Cassie and Jim Smith who live in Hemel Hempstead and enjoy a quiet but
steady life until Cassie is made redundant and Jim's wages, he is a prison officer have
to stretch to cover all expenses. Struggling with boredom being stuck at home, Cassie
suddenly has a brain wave of sorting out Christmas for all those too busy to do it
themselves. This takes off with a bang and she has to recruit her sister and husband
to help cope with the enormous demand.
When she starts organising Corporate Christmas parties she is really rushed off her
feet, meeting the handsome Carter Randall who books her to organise a Christmas to
remember for his two children, and to decorate his huge house in Little Gaddesden.
This is when Cassie's life gets complicated, but with Jim's help she thinks she can
get everything done in time for the big day.
So far so good, she plans a Christmas holiday in Lapland for Carter and his
two incredibly nice children(, rich men's kiddies are not usually so nice) but then
he wants her to to come with them!!! That is when life gets totally complicated!!!
This is a heart warming story, everyone is "nice", Jim, who takes his work with
young offenders seriously, looks after two young men due to be released who
need a bit of a lift, Cassie's sister is a brick helping with all the cooking and
so on needed by Cassie.
If you can believe that all the deliveries and requests that Cassie takes on can
be organised so swiftly then that's alright, but if like me you wonder how she
could start a business with no capital, learn all about wrapping and decorating
professionally, also calligraphy off the Internet just like that you must just believe
in Christmas Magic. It is in the best sellers list, so a lot of readers must be
already in the Seasonal Enchantment!!> Recommended. Maggie Perkovic.

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