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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Dixe Wills - Tiny Islands

 reviewed live on bookshow Nov 2013 by Sue Major 
Subtitled “ 60 remarkable little worlds around Britain” this is a smashing book that interests , informs and tempts you to visit these self-contained little islands just waiting to be found!
Dixe Wills gives the reader lots of facts about the islands....historical information, travel hints, useful contacts and useful further reading....but most of all he seems to have found  the special, sometimes magical qualities  of each and every one. Some of his islands are very small, uninhabited islets, whilst others are occupied by small communities, but all are remarkable in some way.

His very first island is Gugh ( defintely not Goo or Guff) . This section  is a delight to read, not least because his photography and words capture the beauty and serenity of the place...and of course he also includes the usual information about tides, getting there, accommodation etc.
He romps on around England , Wales and Scotland with equal enthusiasm ending with the Holm of Papay in Orkney.
If I never  get to visit  any other islands than Gugh, Samson and St Helen's , his writing about distant islands   entrances me enough to almost make me feel I  have been there with him.
 So for real adventurers and for armchair travellers this is a lovely read.

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