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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Jo Nesbo - Police

reviewed live on bookshow by Sue Major November 2013 
 Jo Nesbo is a Norwegian writer of some stature, only first published in English in 1997. His Inspector Harry Hole series is hugely successful, yet he manages to keep a freshness and an unpredictability in all his books ….and this is just one reason why I enjoy them so much.
”Police” is the  ninth in his Harry Hole series.

 This story centres around a killer who stalks Oslo's policemen and brutally kills them at the sites of previously unsolved crimes. This story is definitely  not for the faint-hearted....nor for the squeamish; there are numerous  grim murders with just as many suspects and blind alleys.

In spite of the fact that Inspector Hole has left the police force and is now a lecturer in criminal studies( and that's not without its challenges) he is of course drawn into the investigation....and all his old enemies ,friends and colleagues are there with him. His demons are also still around and I found myself at one point saying out loud “ no, Harry, don't do it!”

Police” is, I think, one of Jo Nesbo's best yet;
It   is  a first class thriller that races along  with clever plots and sub-plots twisting and turning as it goes. If you are a fan of Harry Hole already or keen on Scandinavian murder/mysteries than this is the book for's great.

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