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Saturday, 1 February 2014

andrew Taylor - A Stain on the Silence

Somebody had handed in about 5 of these books to the charity shop and as I was on the lookout for a new author to try I picked two up.  They both looked slightly different, one was something from the Lydmouth series and the other seemed a stand alone crime novel. 
I started with ‘Where Roses Fade’ the fith in the Lydmouth series set in fifties England.  I soon realized though that it was a little too gentle and slow for me - a well constructed, well-written police detective mysteries of an old-fashioned kind,  so I passed it over to Babs Simpson. 
I then started on the other book ‘A Stain on the Silence’.  This comes under the heading of ‘psychological thrillers’ he has other categories of novels: Young readers, historical, Roth, Dougal.  What a diverse author.
I enjoyed this book, it drew you in to the mystery but the ending was strange.
Quote from the authors webpage: ‘The novel starts from three very simple premises: what if a childless man in his forties discovers that he has a daughter, the result of an affair 25 years earlier? What if the daughter is pregnant? And what if she's on the run for murder?' un quote.   
Well that is the gist of the book, Jamie is contacted out of the blue by someone who claims to be his daughter as well as the mother of the daughter and her step-son who was an old school friend & who is a little psychotic and violent.  Jamie has been happily married for 25 years and it all comes as a complete shock, especially as he didn’t know he had fathered the child.
Throughout the book we go back to his past in bits & pieces to discover how it all began how it happened and the consequences which eventually catch up with the present.  I enjoyed the book, it had some good storylines but it was just the ending……. 
However, I will definitely read another of this author and I’m thinking it may be ‘The American Boy’.

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