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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Stella Rimington - Present Danger

reviewed live on bookshow by Brian Lowen on 6th Feb 2014 
Another novel in the series featuring Liz Carlyle, an MI5 Officer.

S R has once again called on her previous experience as head of MI5 to tell an in depth story featuring the workings of the secret service.
Liz Carlyle has been posted to Belfast, where although the peace is holding there are still a few fanatics who want the war to carry on. Liz is given the job of finding an American called Piggot who it is thought has set up a business to act as a front for his organisation called the Fraternity, where a plot is being hatched against the security force.
The investigation is proceeding well, but slowly, when one of her colleagues, Dave Armstrong, goes missing when he decides to visit the premises of the Fraternity without any backup. He is not thinking straight having just been given the heave ho by his long – term girl- friend in London. When Liz discovers that all the suspects have also disappeared she fears the worst and so the chase is on to find them all.
The trail leads to the south of France and the final conclusion on a small island off the coast near Toulon.

SR has an easy style of writing that ensures you keep the pages turning. It is a good plot with good characters and all nicely tied up in the end. There is also an undercurrent of romance that keeps the interest going.
A good read, recommended.

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