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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Val mcdermid - crack down

I am a big fan of this author but I wasn't too taken with Kate brannigan who is the main character in the book.  The style wasn't my cuppa tea. If you like detective/pi/crime books full of wise cracks then you will enjoy it.
Kate brannigan is one half of a private investigator firm.  Kate & her boyfriend are working on a car dealership scam, they sign up for a loan take the car
Then bring it back with the loan finance company's information. But the car is stolen. Day later Richard sees it parked and gets in to drive it back but as the car is reported stolen the police stop Richard.  In the boot is a stash of cocaine. Richard is accused of drug smuggling.
Kate has the job of trying to clear Richards name by finding the real smugglers. On top of this Richards ten year old son was coming to stay and they don't want Richards ex to know that he is in jail or she may stop visiting rights.  fortunately Kate has friends in the right places (police & journalist), who help her track down the real perps.
As is always the case this leads to our main character being caught & nearly killed and also leads to child porn and drug laced tattoos.

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