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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Camilla Lackberg - THE STONECUTTER

reviewed live on the bookshow by Corinna Christopher 6th Feb 2014

This is a very accomplished thriller set in a remote resort on the West coast of Sweden.  The character’s names are not too difficult to comprehend.

It commences with a fisherman finding the body of a little 7 year old girl in his net.  After some investigating it becomes clear that she has not drowned but been murdered and it appears that she had ingested ashes some time prior to her death.

Patrik Hedstrom who has recently become a father for the first time is the local detective given the grim task of finding the killer.  There are interesting people in this close knit community and the reader is given details of their various lives.  There seems to be no motive although there are one or two persons who are causing suspicions to arise and Patrik has a few difficulties with his Police colleagues.

Interspersed with the narrative is a story from 1923.  A local stonecutter Anders has a passionate affair with Agnes a rich and spoilt girl who is doted upon by her father.  As a result of this liaison twin boys are
born and her father throws her out so that the couple have to start life in a hovel.  This story continues through the book and near the end there is a relevant connection with the crime.  The mystery about how Agnes fits into the plot keeps the reader guessing until the conclusion.

I found the solving of this mystery engrossing , straightforward and compelling.  Patrik is a nice guy and in the end he manages to do a good job.  There are nice little touches about his domestic life and the conflicts and rumours of this idyllic rural spot are well-written.  Very enjoyable.

The author Camilla Lackberg worked first as an economist before taking up writing leading to a drastic change of career.  Her first six novels all became Swedish No. 1 bestsellers.  She lives in Stockholm with her three children.  I have read another of her books “The Drowning” but that was not nearly so good, however would now  like to try another one.

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