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Sunday, 9 February 2014


reviewed live on the bookshow by Corinna Christopher on 6th Feb 2014

This is a compelling story of two rather unpleasant people in a  dysfunctional relationship.  It is however a clever and unusual tale.

Set in Chicago Jodi and Todd have been together for twenty years.  They are not married but live in a comfortable and easy-going manner.  Jodi does not want any children (although Todd does) and they have a lovable dog instead

Jodi is a psychoanalyst and runs her business from their very elegant apartment with clients visiting her there.  She devotes the rest of her time in cooking delicious meals for Todd keeping the home immaculate with fresh flowers, carefully looking after his laundry requirements and generally playing the dutiful wife.  She is aware that Todd is a serial philanderer and most of the time has ignored his various flirtations and affairs.

Todd has a close long-term friend Dean Kovacs who has lost his wife and is bringing up his only daughter Natasha.  Suddenly the girl has blossomed into a very

beautiful young woman and Todd is smitten.  They embark on a passionate relationship and Natasha duly becomes pregnant .  This of course changes everything and soon Todd is embroiled in wedding plans, baby clothes and purchasing a flat to live in.  Dean of course is furious and refuses to co-operate.  Todd  in need of extra funds consults a lawyer and a writ to evict Jodi from her apartment is sent out, the lawyer is gleeful that Todd never married as this will be easier for him.

Jodi all the time is hoping that Todd will come to his senses.  Meanwhile she consults with her close friend Alison and a plan is put into place.
I will not reveal what this is merely state that there is a twist to the tale at the end.

This was a very easy read  and each chapter is related by alternating “his” and “her” points of view.  I did find the psychiatrist sessions were a bit boring and did not think they added much to the story.  The book has been likened to “Gone Girl” but perhaps not as good, nevertheless I can recommend it.

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