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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Peter May - Entry Island

Review by Sue Majors read live on bookshow April 2014
By the writer of the Lewis Trilogy, this is another enjoyable quality novel. Peter May has managed to combine beautiful writing ....poetic at times ...with an intriguing murder mystery, this time set in Canada.
Entry Island has at its centre Sime Mackenzie, a Montreal detective with Scottish roots not surprisingly on Lewis.he is another detective in the sad lonely vein of Kurt Wallander and Harry Hole, but is nevertheless a believable character ...and I warmed to him right away.
The setting and time move between Entry island in the St Lawrence river, and Lewis at the time of the highland clearances. My knowledge of the clearances was sketchy, and this book gives you a full flavour of the terrible treatment meted out to islanders at the time.

Sime is sent to investigate a murder...the first anyone can remember on Entry island...and it is there that he meets the prime suspect, feeling oddly that he has seen her before.

Once I got used to the time slips in the story I really enjoyed this book. Peter May is a writer who has been new to me in the last six months but I shall read more of his work....he's a great talent.

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