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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Stephen Kelly - Britsh Soldiers of the Korean War

Bookshow Review  by Maggie Perkovich read live on bookshow 17th April 2014:
Now what does anyone know about the Korean War (1951 to 1953)?
I suspect not a lot like me!!But when I saw this book on a review page, I was
pleased to have it for a Mother's day pressie.
So many facts come to light in this interesting description of what happened as
these very young men remember it.
Did you know that the majority of the conscripts were National  Service??
Did you know that they were sent to fight with the minimum of training?
Did you know that in one terrible occurence the Yanks bombarded our troops with
Napalm, killing and burning many before they were stopped??
All these facts come to light in the telling of War in Korea before, after three years
it came to an end with a realisation that neither side was winning, so an armistice
was declared.
The first Winter was the coldest on record, and of course our troops were not fitted
with anything that was suitable. The Americans were much better attired, better fed,
and in general fitter. They had not grown up in a War time Britain with shortages!!
None of the interviewed troops were complaining about what happened. They took
it all in their stride and looked forward to returning home. Some were quite affected
by the terrible sights they saw, some by being prisoners of war.
The accidental attack by the Americans was but one of several instances where
these young men, some not long out of school, grew up very quickly.
There are pictures to show our veterans as they are today, and in Korea.
When they set out to go to Korea, many were not sure of the destination, but it
seemed like an adventure so off they went. 1000 did not return.
A sobering thought, but a fascinating read. Maggie Perkovic.

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