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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Greg Hurwitz - You're next

review by showhost March 2015
This is the first time I have read this author but I was looking for a thriller and the blurb seemed to tick that box.
It had good reviews from Tess gerritsen, Harlan coben, Lee child and for once I agree.
Mike is an overprotective, loving family guy, who is just about to sign a very lucrative deal for a development of green houses just outside of los Angeles.
Mike was abandoned by his father at aged four.  He was dumped in the middle of nowhere and never saw his parents again. He was raised by a foster home.  He didn't know his surname or the name of his street so he could never be traced, which is why he kept a baby monitor on for his eight year old daughter Katherine.
But when Mike is approached at the development celebration by a man who claims to know him and about his parents, he finds himself and his own family in mortal danger. He doesn't know why they want to kill him and his wife and daughter but these people are trained killers and their bosses have access to police departments.
It is a gripping read and the reason for the manhunt was not what I expected. The characters were believable and it would make a good action film.

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