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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Polly Williams - Husband Missing

review written by Babs Simpson & read live on the bookshow 12th March 2015.
Ginas husband, Rex, is a free spirit.  He has a well paid job in London but still loves doing outdoors things - climbing, walking, windsurfing - and although they haven't been married long Gina is happy for him to go off for occasional weekends.  They met, fell in love and married within 6 months and are ecstatically happy with each other.
So, Rex leaves for a short break to go windsurfing in the south of #Spain with his brother Jake and some friends.  Then Rex disappears completely.  He's an expert windsurfer, the weather was good and the sea conditions well within his capabilities.
Gina flies out to Tarifa but it seems hopeless.  There is no sign of him, no clues at all.  But she knows he is alive and in her mind talks to him constantly.  She falls ill with a tummy bug and flies back to London where she discovers she is pregnant.
Everyone, her parents, sister, brother in law and friends - are very supportive and Gina eventually gives birth to a beautiful daughter.  There is still no news of Rex and Gina gradually sinks into mental turmoil.
This is a very good story with sympathetic characters.  There are far more twists and turns to the plot than I have outlined and I really enjoyed it. FAR better than Gone Girl

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