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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Margaret Dickinson - Welcome Home

review written by Maggie Perkovic & read live on bookshow 5th March 2015

Edie Kelsy and Lil Horton have been friends for over twenty years, sharing the joys and
sorrows of their tough lives as the wives of fisherman in Grimsby. When Lil lost her
husband Tom during the first World War Edie and her family were able to help her
recover and when Irene, Lil's daughter and Edie's son Frank fell in love and
got married the families became really united.
But 1939 and the start of another war sees Frank off to fight, and Irene and her baby
Tommy together with Edie's youngest son are evacuated to the country for safety.
Edie's husband Archie is fishing in dangerous waters now, Beth is in London
doing "war work" and Laurence the big brother is with the Army in France.
The two women begin to feel the full effects of the war with shortages and
air raids. Another daughter of Edie Shirley is a bit of a misfit with not many
friends so when she brings a so called Swiss reporter on the local paper
home called Ursula, the family is relieved she has a friend but her accent
arouses suspicion in the town.
Tragedy strikes when Laurence is lost early on and the story brings home all
the anxiety and heartache that war can bring.
Well written and heartwarming.
Well recommended, Maggie Perkovic.

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