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Friday, 18 September 2015

Tracy Borman - Thomas Cromwell

review written and read live on the bookshow by Maggie Perkovich sept 2015
This is a really interesting book about Thomas Cromwell and his subsequent fall
from power after being the King's closest advisor.
He was born into very poor conditions and thence travelled the world as a soldier of
fortune before arriving back in this country and starting his life under Thomas Wolsey.
He was a pretty ruthless politician but adored by his wife and children and others whom
he chose to  guardian.When Wolsey fell, Cromwell was devasted but decided to learn
from his mistakes and began assisting the King in his desire to wed Anne Boleyn.
This finally achieved, as the years passed and he realised the King was not happy
and needed an heir which Anne was unable to provide so pragmatic as ever he
laid plans which would end in her death and the successful arrival of a son to
Jane Seymour. Her death meant a place for another Queen  which Cromwell
arranged only to lose his King's support when the new choice, Anne of Cleves
failed to win Henry's affection. This was the start of his downfall, with other members
of the King's advisers turning against him he was imprisoned till his trial on a
charge of treason. He fought valiantly, still hoping for a reprieve but sadly Henry
signed his death warrant by execution. His neck took three blows to be severed.
A great read with letters and documents of the times showing how all this came to pass.
Highly Recommended Maggie Perkovic.

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