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Monday, 19 October 2015

Mark Gimenez - Accused

Review written and read live on the bookshow by Brian Lowen Oct 2015

Another great story from MG – one you really feel part of and get to believe in the characters.

A Scott Fenney was a top flight lawyer with all the luxuries it brings – house, car, free insurance and club memberships, etc., but then he disobeyed his boss and represented a black prostitute accused of killing a senator’s son.  He lost his job but won his case and made his reputation for taking and winning the case.  Unfortunately the prostitute took an overdose shortly after being set free and Scott then adopted her little black daughter, Pyjamae, to be a friend for his own daughter Boo.

Scott has lost his luxury life and also his wife Rebecca who left him because they were now so poor and went off with a golf pro, Trey Rawlings.  So Scott is now a poor, struggling lawyer but then he gets a call from his ex-wife as she has been accused of murdering her lover Trey.

Scott drops everything and takes his family and small law firm to Galveston, an island on the Gulf of Mexico, where to every ones amazement he takes on the case.  And so we follow the investigation through until it ends in the trial, with several twists to the story.

All of MG’s books are based on the law but he has the knack of making it interesting. 

A great story full of love, lust, humour and pathos.

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