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Monday, 19 October 2015

Simon Hall - The Dark Horizon

 Review written and read live on the bookshow by Brian Lowen Oct 2015
The latest book from Simon Hall with another puzzle for him to solve, but not so difficult this time.

Dan, our hero, is a reporter for a south west television company and is still working with his police friend, D I Breen, but not so closely so it all seems more realistic.

Claire, Dan’s girl friend is a police liaison officer and has recently moved in with Dan, but he is finding it difficult to make it work despite Claire’s best efforts. Dan is exhibiting selfish behaviour as he has got so used to living on his own and doing his own thing, just with him and his large dog. He is finding it difficult to adjust and you feel it is going to take something dramatic to bring him to his senses.

Two stories are intermingled in this book:

1.       The Cashman – a person in a Robin Hood mask who arrives at well- known spots unannounced and hands out packets of cash to members of the public. The amounts start quite low but each time he does it the amount in the package goes up by £10 and there is a piece of paper in the packet with a single letter marked on it. Dan’s friend El, a free- lance photographer is desperate to get his photo but never knows where he is going to turn up next.
2.      A huge new tower block complex containing offices, flats, shops and homes is nearing completion despite hindrance from a lot of local protesters who are against this large building going up on a lovely beach area where they used to enjoy the open space but cannot anymore. Threats are made of a bomb plot to destroy it.

A good story, but with some annoying flashbacks by which you tend to lose the plot. Also the wording seems more flowery in this book which is unnecessary, but I still enjoyed it.

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