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Friday, 9 October 2015

Simon Kernick – final Minute

review by showhost
Another fast and furious shoot em up book by this author.  It certainly makes you keep turning the pages, although towards the end it all became a little too obvious.  But, I hadn’t read one of SK’s books in a while so thought it would be good to take on a short break with me.  It was a 50p job from the library booksale box, so I can read & leave.
Sean Egan (aka Matt at the start of the book) had been in a car accident a few months ago.  As a result he had amnesia.  He knew nothing of himself or his previous life.  A recent fall in the cellar of his home had jarred something in his memory.  He started having a recurring dream and he now had the feeling that something wasn’t right with his life.  He mentioned the dream to his hypnotherapist, whom he had regular sessions with to try and regain his memory.  He also realised that the pills his sister and his bodyguard gave him made him feel worse, so he stopped taking them.  When he overheard a conversation between them all he made a run for it.  However, hours later, cold and hungry, with no money, he went back to the house.  There were thugs waiting for him and a couple of dead bodies, one of which was his sister.  The thugs kept asking him the same question “where were the bodies buried”.  But what he was supposed to know he couldn’t remember.
A chance ad in the paper led him to a meeting with ex-cop now private Eye Tina Boyd.  She was looking for a missing girl and it seems it might all be linked.
We meet some old favourites in this book Tina Boyd and DCI Mike Bolt and what pursues is the high speed chase, capture, threaten torture and race against tim

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