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Friday, 9 October 2015

Philippa Gregory - The Taming of the Queen

Review written by Maggie Perkovic & read live on the bookshow 8th Oct. 2015

This is a cracking read. The story of the last Queen for Henry V111, a pleasant
intelligent lady with two marriages behind her and a new romance in the shape of
the dashing Thomas Seymour is full of excitement and terror. In Katherine Henry
thought he had a docile and anxious to please sort of a woman. Yes, she was all
these things but she also was very interested in the new religion where the Bible
was transalated into English for all to read unlike before where latin was the norm.
At first Henry was quite thrilled to have such an erudite partner but as his temper
and age took control he felt angered by her learning and it nearly led to her down
fall. Historians have related how the accidental dropping of her arrest charge sheet
gave her warning and she was able to defend herself by insisting she only wished
to take the King's mind of his infected leg and other frailties. When the soldiers
arrived to take her away Henry cursed them for being "fools"  although he had
sigbned the order!!!
Never wanting to marry the King, Katherine made a happy family with the three
children, Mary, Elizabeth and the very young Edward, but all the time she was aware
that the King could change and decide she had offended him.
Written as only this author  can achieve you feel the uncertainty and fear of
life at this court. He organises Hans Holbein to paint a portrait of the KIng and Queen
and the three siblings for which they all pose.
When it is unveiled, Katherine has been supplated by an image of Jane Seymour.
"Well" was the comment" She gave me a son, you have never even become pregnant"
Four months after Henry died she married Thomas Seymour, I don't blame her!!
Well Recommended. Maggie Perkovc.

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